Secure Your Vision For The Future

Estate planning isn't just about deciding who gets what. It's about taking care of yourself, considering your loved ones and building a legacy that will reflect your wishes for many years to come.

I am attorney Abel Contreras and I help people create wills, powers of attorney and other estate planning documents that will make their wishes known and stand up to legal scrutiny. I want my clients to have the peace of mind that comes with creating a vision for the future and building a path to meet their legal and financial goals.

In addition to estate planning, I also represent clients in a variety of practice areas relating to civil litigation, including:

  • family law
  • landlord-tenant matters
  • personal injury claims
  • general litigation

In all these legal areas, my goal is always to help you find the most effective and efficient way of meeting your legal and financial goals.

A Plan That Meets Your Needs And Goals

Many people hold the mistaken belief that estate planning is only for the wealthy. They may think that because they don't have a lot of property to pass on, they don't need a will. In fact, people from all walks of life should have some type of estate plan. With good planning, you can save your loved ones a lot of time, expense, frustration and confusion. You may also be able to help your loved ones avoid the kinds of disputes that can tear a family apart.

An estate plan can range from the relatively straightforward to the highly complex. The type of plan you and your family need depends entirely upon your circumstances and your wishes for the future.

At Abel Contreras Legal Services, I work with each client to find the plans and strategies that meet their needs and aspirations.

Let's Get To Work

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